There is no doubt about it. Jamie and Jonny are going to have a beautiful baby!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

And continues. :o)

We are so blessed and spoiled. Thanks to everyone!

From my sister-in-law Megan:

From Jonny's Mom Elizabeth:

From Mrs. Dyson:

From my Mom:

Mom made the diaper bag, burp cloths, and wipe clutch with changing pad.

And the shower continues (2)

From Grandmother:

A baby picture of Jonny and a baby spoon that was used to feed Jonny's mom and probably Jonny too. :o)

And the shower continues. :)

From my friend Tessa

From my friends Selena and Jessica:

Feeling so spoiled right now. :o)

And the shower begins

From my Aunt Janice:

From my cousin Kim

From my cousin Jennifer

So thoughtful. The blankets, hats, and rattles are all homemade. I need to step up my game in the crafting department. :o)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Since Jamie moved to Washington and took away all the fun her sister would have had planning a baby shower in Florida - we (Jamie's sister & mother) have decided to throw her a "VIRTUAL" Baby Shower!

Each person (or group of people) will be given the opportunity to sign up for a 20 minute Skype session.  Jamie and Jonny will have the chance to open your gift while they are talking with you online.  By doing it this way, we will each have the opportunity to experience the joy as Jamie and Jonny open our gifts.

This is the next-best-thing to a traditional baby shower.  I hope you will all reserve time to join us!

Make Your Reservation

Sunday, November 27, 2011

What time would you like to Skype with the parents-to-be?  (Remember, they are 3 hours behind our East Coast time,)  Each reservation is for 20 minutes. 

East Coast Time      

12:00 pm  ________________________________________

12:30 pm  ________________________________________

1:00 pm _________________________________________

1:30 pm ___Jen Prescott & Aunt Jan_________

2:00 pm __Kim Marion________________

2:30 pm ____Tessa Rook_______________________

3:00 pm __Jessica & Selena__________________    

3:30 pm ___Elan Kaney______________________

4:00 pm ___Courtney Allen____________________

4:30 pm ___Lillian Dodson_____________________

5:00 pm ___Elizabeth and Megan Ruoss______

5:30 pm _________________________________________

6:00 pm _________________________________________

6:30 pm _________________________________________

7:00 pm _________________________________________

7:30 pm _________________________________________

8:00 pm ______Rachel Holtzclaw______________________

Reserve your time by either commenting on this post or by sending me an email to